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Ken Pugh has worked on software and hardware projects for over thirty years. He has a wide variety of experience with numerous operating systems, languages, and development processes. His familiarity with a broad range of environments allows him to rapidly adapt to new technology.

For large and small businesses, he has developed software systems extending from long-baseline interferometry to real-time goat serum process control and embedded systems for signal processing to networked file storage.

As a teacher and mentor, he has trained thousands of students in subjects ranging from object-oriented design to UNIX operating system internals. He has presented at numerous conferences seminars on software development processes, programming techniques, and system architecture. He has also written four books on programming and operating systems.


Eric Jackson, the founder of DeepWeave www.deepweave.com , has built his career pioneering software solutions to particularly large and difficult problems.

He began by designing computer codes to solve turbulent flow problems using the most advanced supercomputers and parallel supercomputers available. After 10 years on staff in the Applied Math department at Princeton University, he moved to a private consulting firm in Princeton where he designed and implemented one of the first and most sophisticated software applications to automatically analyze and correct computer chip designs to improve their manufacturability.

In 2000, Eric co-founded Ibrix, Inc. He is the inventor of the Ibrix distributed file system, a parallel file storage system able to scale in size and performance to millions of terabytes.

In each of the three major phases of his career, Eric took on a cutting-edge problem outside his own previous areas of expertise and was able to produce an innovative solution at the forefront of the new industry.

Eric founded DeepWeave Technology Consulting to help companies develop their own capacity to drive top line growth through sustained innovation in software-based products and services.


Leslie Killeen is the administrator for Pugh-Killeen Associates as well as a hand weaver, Warp and Byte Designs. Her biology/botany educational background and her daily computer usage in her job find applications in her weaving, working on an eight shaft computer aided loom. Her work has been published in Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, the publication for the Handweavers Guild of America (HGA), Weavers, Handwoven and the Handwoven Design Collections and she has won awards for her work. She taught at Convergence 2006, the HGA biennial Conference.

She does web designs for profit and non-profit organizations as well as produces Memory Cards as teaching aids for various applications.

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