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HIPAA Security Requirements Class

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires security and privacy of medical records. The security requirements embrace both the computer systems used to maintain electronic medical records and the administration of those systems. This course covers the security requirements and implementations which meet the requirements, as well as background information on topics such as encryption and networks. (1 day)

Who Should Attend

System administrators, developers, security personal, security managers, network managers


None other than computer system knowledge


  • Understand the requirements of HIPAA
  • Examine way to improve security
  • Appreciate the security threats to a system


  • Security Concerns
    • Authentication
    • Access control
    • Privacy
    • Data integrity
    • Availability
  • Security Administration
    • Certification
    • Chain of Trust partner agreement
    • Contingency planning
    • Formal mechanism for processing records
    • Information access and control
    • Internal audit
    • Personnel security
    • Security configuration management
    • Security incident procedures
    • Security management process
    • Termination procedures
    • Security training
  • Physical safeguards
    • Assigned security responsibility
    • Media controls
    • Workstation usage guidelines
    • Secure workstation location
    • Security awareness training
  • Technical Security Services and Mechanisms
    • Access control
    • Audit control
    • Authorization control
    • Data authentication
    • Entity authentication
    • Communications / network controls

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