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During the years we have been in business, we have had the opportunity to meet a large number of talented individuals. If we cannot provide what you need, you can contact one of these people.

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  • Chuck Allison (cda at freshsources.com)(www.freshsources.com) is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle, working in the Java Products Group. He is currently the Java columnist for the C/C++ Users Journal.
  • Scott Ambler (scott at ambysoft.com) (www.ambysoft.com) is a Software Process Mentor. He is the author of The Object Primer, Building Object Applications That Work, Process Patterns, More Process Patterns, and writes a monthly column in Software Development.


  • James Bach (j.bach at computer.org) (www.jamesbach.com) offers advice on testing.
  • Judy Bamberger (bamberg at eaglet.rain.com) specializes in software process definition and improvement, quality techniques,leadership, team building, and facilitation. She is an author of the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model for Software, and is an Authorized Lead Assessor in the CBA-IPI assessment method.
  • Rodney Bell (rbell at teleport.com) consults on marketing/adoption of embedded system development technologies, such as modeling and code generation, domain-specific engineering, co-design, and evolutionary development processes
  • Karen D Blair (kbcat at techline.com) specializes in general computer support services, tutoring and software development services.
  • Paul Blattner(blattner at aracnet.com) does software consulting, mentoring, and development in Java and C++. He provides training in C++ and Tools.h++.
  • Rick Brenner (rbrenner at ChacoCanyon.com) (www.ChacoCanyon.com) works with people in technology organizations who want to make complex products that need state-of-the-art teamwork, and with organizations that want to create innovative products by building stronger relationships among their people.


  • Alistair Cockburn (arc at acm.org) (members.aol.com/acockburn) is an expert on use cases, responsibility-based design, project management, and software methodologies. He is the author of Surviving Object Oriented Projects.
  • Ward Cunningham (ward at c2.com) (c2.com) specializes in object-oriented programming. He hosts the Portland Pattern Repository
    and the Extreme Programming Roadmap
  • Jim Crowder (jjcrowder at qwest.net) specializes in project development and solutions with Clipper, Lotus Notes/lotusScript, Visual Foxpro, SQL Server, Object Oriented Programming, and VB.net.



  • Bruce Eckel (www.BruceEckel.com) provides public and private seminars & design consulting in C++ and Java.He is the author of Thinking in Java (Prentice-Hall, 1998) and Thinking in C++.


  • Martin Fowler ( fowler at acm.org) (www.martinfowler.com) trains and mentors his clients in object-oriented analysis and design, UML, refactoring, and the use of patterns.


  • Judith Marx Golub (jmgolub at softwaremanagement.com) (www.softwaremanagement.com) supports the management and control of portfolios of software systems as well as their modification and maintenance.
  • Karl Ginter (kginter at klgai.com) (www.klgai.com) focuses on applications development, client/server systems, networking and the Internet, and system integration.
  • Michael Green and Janis Moore (infocus at techline.com) (users.techline.com/infocus) specialize in project development, management guidance, and consulting. They develop software applications and nutures business project communities
  • Christian Gross (cgross at eusoft.com) specializes in Internet Application Development.


  • Payson Hall (payson at catalysisgroup.com) (www.catalysisgroup.com) provides project management consulting and training services to assist clients in the definition, planning and implementation of solutions to business problems.
  • Gordon Harnack (gordon at fdamaze.com) (www.fdamaze.com) provides a broad range of consulting services on Quality Systems implementation and compliance with FDA medical device regulations. Gordon is the author of "Mastering and Managing the FDA Maze - Medical Device Overview," (ASQ Quality Press 1999).
  • Elliotte Harold (elharo at metalab.unc.edu) is an internationally respected writer, programmer, and educator. He lectures about Java and object oriented programming at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. Cafe au Lait. Cafe con Leche.
  • Tom Heavey (nse at nwsoft.com) provides high quality software design and development.
  • Jim Highsmith (jimh at adaptivesd.com) works has worked with both IT organizations and software companies to accelerate development in increasingly complex, extreme environments.
  • Peter Hildebrandt (peterwh at teleport.com) (www.teleport.com/~peterwh) specializes in producing software designs that are steeped in user friendliness.
  • Allen Holub (allen at holub.com) (www.holub.com) provides object-oriented design and mentoring services and in-house training in Java, object-oriented design, and C++. He writes for JavaWorld, Dr. Dobb’s Journal,Microsoft Systems Journal,and others. His latest book is "Taming Java Threads," [Berkeley: Apress <www.apress.com>, 2000].
  • Andy Hunt (andy at toolshed.com) (www.toolshed.com) architects solutions using Java, C/C++, Eiffel, Perl, Ruby, XML, CORBA, Oracle, Informix, Sun Solaris, DEC OSF/1, SGI Irix, Linux and anything else that's handy. He is co-author of "The Pragmatic Programmer".
  • Jason Hunter (jch at servlets.com) is part of a top-notch team providing corporate training and consulting services with an emphasis on enterprise-level Java and XML. He is author of "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly), publisher of Servlets.com, and co-inventor of JDOM (jdom.org).


  • III teaches Chartering, Requirement Modeling, Project Management, Facilitation, and Brain Liberty.


  • Ron Jeffries (ronjeffries at acm.org) has for the past few been learning, applying, and teaching Extreme Programming..
  • Bob Johnson (rjohnson at coyotevalley.com)(www.coyotevalley.com) specializes in test planning and testing web-based, distributed, object-oriented systems (or more simply, the Internet).


  • Cem Kaner (kaner at kaner.com) (www.kaner.com) is a software development consultant and teacher. Within the software development community, he's been a human factors analyst, user interface designer, programmer, tester, writer, test group manager, documentation group manager, software development manager,and director of documentation and testing.
  • Naomi Karten (NKarten at compuserve.com) (www.nkarten.com) specializes in helping organizations manage customer expectations, establish service level agreements, and build trusting, supportive relationships.
  • Joan Keller (joan.keller at klxcomputergroup) offers process management consultation and training leading to improvements in business operations, and to obtaining ISO 9001 quality system certification.
  • Joshua Kerievsky (help at industriallogic.com) (www.industriallogic.com) programs in Java and designs with Patterns. He teaches an intensive 4-day workshop on object-oriented Design Patterns
  • Norm Kerth (nkerth at teleport.com) is a consultant working with companies interested in ensuring that they make a successful transition to using the object-oriented technologies.He includes the wider issues of specification and design activities, quality assurance, continuous process improvement, project management and building effective teams.


  • Diana Larsen (dlarsen at cumulusconsulting.com) (www.cumulusconsulting.com) specializes in small and large group learning processes and working with leaders to enhance productivity. She also focuses on transition and change management, especially around organizational change that involves technology.
  • Brian Lawrence (brian at coyotevalley.com) (www.coyotevalley.com) specializes in the "front end" of software design processes; Requirements Management,Design Specification, Project Planning, Life Cycle Models, and Peer Reviews.


  • Brian Martin (Brian at MartinConsulting.com) (www.martinconsulting.com) provides programming, training, and Unix system administration services.
  • BruceMcKenzie (bruce at doublepup.com) (www.doublepup.com) offers concept definition, user interviewing, requirements analysis, design, implementation and training in c, C++, Objective C, Java, Perl, and SQL


  • Bill Pardee (bill.pardee at pardee-quality-methods.com) (www.pardee-quality-methods.com/) specializes in Quality Function Deployment and other software requirements tools, the underlying method in many PQM services and Project Facilitation.
  • Andrea Provaglio (andrea at andreaprovaglio.com) (andreaprovaglio.com) is a consultant and trainer on object-oriented programming for distributed systems, serving large- and mid-sized companies. He teaches ANSI C++, Java, Python, DCOM/ATL and CORBA programming classes. Andrea also writes for technical magazines.
  • Neil Pitman(Npitman at Interlink.net) specializes in object-oriented software development using C++, Smalltalk, and Visual Basic


  • Sharon Marsh Roberts and Ken Roberts (info at roberts-1.com ) (www.roberts-1.com/) assist major corporations in: Project Management, Technology Architecture, Systems Analysis and Design and Risk Analysis
  • Johanna Rothman (jr at jrothman.com) (www.jrothman.com) works with clients to bring superior management capability and quality into software product and IT development.She focuses on project management, risk management, and people management.


  • Dan Saks (dsaks at wittenberg.edu) is the President of Saks & Associates, a C++ training and consulting firm. He served for over six years as secretary of the ANSI and ISO C++ standards committee, and is still an active member. He is a consulting editor for both C/C++ Users Journal and Embedded Systems Programming.
  • Randal Schwartz ( merlyn at stonehenge.com) is a two-decade veteran of the software industry — skilled in software design, system administration, security, technical writing, and training. He has co-authored numerous Perl books.
  • David A. Schmaltz. and Amy Schwab (tn at ix.netcom.com) (www.projectcommunity.com) apply an organic, adaptive approach to managing projects. Their Mastering Projects Workshop shows how to create the project community and the other preconditions for working really well together.
  • Richard Hale Shaw (rhs at RichardHaleShaw.com) (http://www.RichardHaleShaw.com) provides training and mentoring services to software developers in the areas of COM, MFC/ATL, C++, Java, J++, Win32, and Visual C++.
  • George Shepherd (georges at stingray.com) splits his time between Stingray Software, writing the coolest tools for MFC, COM, and Java developers, and delivering training seminars
  • Jared Spool ( jspool at uie.com) (www.uie.com) is a software developer and programmer He has more than 19 years of experience conducting usability evaluations on a variety of products, and is an expert in low-fidelity prototyping, designing for web site usability, documentation usability, and product branding.
  • Wayne Strider and Eileen Strider (info at striderandcline.com) (www.striderandcline.com) provide consulting and training services to people who want to increase their ability to ship products and deliver services. They specialize in providing project reviews, vendor reviews, project retrospectives, and organizational assessments to in-house information technology organizations.
  • Simon St. Laurant (simonstl at pop.hesketh.net) is an XML consultant, computer book author, web developer, and network administrator living in Ithaca, NY.


  • Ron Thompson (ret3 at eiscon.com) gives guidance with requirements or project management and assistance with electronic payments.


  • Bill Venners (bv at artima.com) (www.artima.com) gives Java training seminars and provides architectural and strategic consulting for your company or development team. He does architectural consulting for Java virtual machine implementations and consulting for Jini projects.


  • Jerry Weinberg (hardpretzel at earthlink.net) (geraldmweinberg.com) offers seminars in Project Solving Leadership, Congruent Leadership Change Shop, and System Effectiveness Management.
  • Karl Wiegers (kwiegers at acm.org) (www.processimpact.com) provides training and consulting in software process improvement, requirements engineering, peer reviews, and project management. His booksinclude "Software Requirements" and "Peer Reviews in Software".

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