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We provide consulting and mentoring on the development of software, including design reviews, interface specifications, object analysis, and expert testimony.

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Expert Testimony and Litigation Support We provide expert analysis and testimony for software related cases and disputes. Click here for more information
System Architecture We determine the specifications for your system and create an overall design and implementation plan. We then construct detailed designs and user interface documents. The actual coding can be performed by you or us.
Mentoring In addition to instructor-led training, we provide mentoring for projects trying out new languages, new systems, or new processes.
Development We develop your system in C, C++, Java,C#, and other languages on Windows and Linux/Unix.
Design Review We review your internal or third party design for potential problems before you spend time and effort in implementing it.
Interface Specification We create or review your internal or external interfaces to components, subsystems, or vendor-provided systems.
Object Analysis We create or review your object-oriented design for suitability, maintainability, and producibility

Technologies include:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • XML
  • HTML
  • Fortran
  • SQL
  • Assembly
  • PERL
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows
  • UNIX / Linux
  • Text
  • Image
  • CD-ROM
  • Standalone
  • Intranet / Internet
  • Client - server

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