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We provide custom programming services for a variety of applications A review of some solutions we have provided gives an indication of how we can help you.

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Grozier Technical Systems Provided software for embedded systems that performed vibration control, noise analysis, and sound recording.
Organon Teknika Programmed a real-time goat serum process control system
Lincoln Laboratory (MIT) Created a real-time data collection program for a digital camera. Designed a collection and analysis program for satellite tracking.
Duke University Development Office Produced a database of active donors.
Birr Portfolio Analysis Coded stock portfolio analysis application.
Saytech and Dictaphone Produced an editor with fast word completion for medical transcriptionists.
Computer Security Built a remote data back-up system which included multiplexing data over dedicated line.
Information Navigation Created InfoNavigator and Train of Thought, hypertext / hypermedia packages.
State Mutual Life Assurance Provided program design for an insurance system and rapid completion of core portions of the program.
Family Health International and PIRI Created adverse drug event analysis system for use in FDA reporting
PRI Associates Created skills testing program for widespread distribution
TruJudge Ported essay analysis code from UNIX to Windows
Security Research Company Developed a stock charting program used for over fifteen years. Created stock analysis program
Monsanto & Grozier Technical Systems Created architectural glass selction program
Carolina Ha-Ha Created "The Humor Collection" website
Hydrocephalus Association Created their website

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